I N   V I S I O N   W E   T R U S T

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Vision Concept, is an independent studio based in Boston, MA. In September 2013, with the vision of creativity and attitude, a concept was created and it truly embraces the identities and truth of our lives. Currently with the majority of products being hand drawn designs, Vision Concept thrives on the idea of original concept & superb quality. The concept of the designs are heavily influenced by varieties of renaissance paintings, contemporary art, historical global classics, as well as tattooing and street art.

V I S I O N  +  C O N C E P T

V I S I O N 

stands for creativity & attitude. Vision is the acknowledgement of the truth, the understanding of the self, and the confidence of creativity. The connection of the past, present and future, the living, the ill, and the death, the fortunates and the struggles. The exploration of identity and individuality, creativity and attitude. 


is the presentation of the vision. Concept is contrast, shadow and darkness. The inspiration through sound, visual elements, communication, etc. The confidence of the vision, the logic behind the message, and the attitude behind the identity. The concept is nothing without the vision, therefore its always secondary.